Cons of stress on your health

Cons of stress on your health

We all have some degree of stress in our life. From busy schedules of work, from important relationships, we have competing priorities. But limited or bearable stress is common and may be beneficial but too much stress can lead to harm for your health. Too much stress can also cause brain ham rage. And stress at the extreme level also leads to heart attack. So too much stress is very harmful to our body and health. Due to stress many physical changes also occur. 

Types of stress:

Stress may be defined as any change that causes physical emotional or functional strain.  Not all types of strains are harmful to our body and mental health. Some stress may lead to benefits for us.

Eustress: Eustress keeps us energized. This is the kind of stress we relate with flows of adrenaline, such as when you are racing to meet a deadline or endpoint. 

Acute Stress: a very short-term type of stress that may be positive but sometime it may be distressing. This is the type of stress we mostly face every day in the life. 

Episodic Acute Stress: where acute stress seems to run lush and be a system of life, creating a life of relative disorder.

Chronic Stress: the type of stress that may be long-lasting and never-ending, like the stress of a bad marriage or an extremely tired job.

The Impact on Your Health:

People face a negative impact on health when they face chronic stress. The first symptoms are comparatively mild, like chronic headaches and resistance to cold becomes low. With more experience to chronic stress, may be more health problems occur. These stress-influenced conditions include, also include depression, diabetes, heart attack, obesity, tooth and gum disease, and ulcer etc.