Simple Hair Care Tips for Different Types of Hairs

Simple Hair Care Tips for Different Types of Hairs

No matter what type of hair you have, your hair may be straight, wavy, curly or coily, your hair care routine should be anything. That is, how you care for your hair depends on your type of hair.  So read on for your one-size-fits-you hair care, starting with the differences in hair types, and tips to care for each one.

Hair type: straight

Straight hair falls smoothly, and has a silky constancy since the natural oils from the scalp work efficiently. Straight hair doesn’t need much conditioning because it is already soft and smooth. There are very less chances to become less in volume for straight hairs. Straight hair look flat, and get oilier than other hair types.

Clean: If you have straight hair, do shampooing of your hair twice time a day. Sulfate-free shampoo like Color Protecting Shampoo is best for hair, which can help in doing balance the scalp, allowing you to go lengthier between washing.

Hair type: Wavy

Wavy hair claims the best of both worlds. You can straight them, can keep wavy, or curl. However, wavy hair can get oily at the scalp and remain dry at the ends, and is disposed to to frizz.

Clean: you should wash your wavy hairs two to three times per week. And dry shampoo is best for wavy hair.

Hair type: Curly

Curly hair is bouncy, playful, and very thick in volume. The thickness of hair can range from fine to rough but mostly it is fine. The greatest challenges for curly hair types are perm, absence of curle, and dryness.

Clean: You should wash your curly for two times in a week with nourishing, use sulfate-free products, shampoo that protect hair color and also use conditioner.

Hair type: Coily

Coily hair is composed of tight curls that may be fine and may be rough, and it is the most delicate of all hair types. This type of hair is filled with texture, so these hair cannot slip during braid or style. However, coily hair are usually dry, which is easily maintain with a few simple tips…Clean: Wash your hair just once a week with a co-wash, do not use conditioner or traditional shampoo.