Unintentional weight loss in Childs

Unintentional weight loss in Childs

Unintentional weight loss is not a good sign for child’s health. There are many reasons for unintentional weight loss. The reasons may be thyroid problem, pain and sores in mouth, illness, metabolic issues, and rarely cancer. Each of these conditions can cause the weight loss in children. You should must concern with doctor if you notice the drastic loss in weight of your child because it can lead to many other problems too. 


To identify the unintentional weight loss in your child you should pay attention to his/her eating habits, and eating amount. If you notice that your child loss his/her weight up to 5kg in six month then it is the point to worry about your child’s health and you should concern your child specialist as soon as possible. Mouth sores, illness, loose teeth, and loss of appetite are the small changes due to behavioral problems. 


It may be possible your child has other symptoms that causes the weight loss. These symptoms may be due to high illness or other health issues. Some of these symptoms may be fever, sore mouth, cough, vomiting and diarrhea. You should consult your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms in your child.

Possible causes:

There are many health conditions to cause the weight loss in your child. These conditions may include gastrointestinal problem, depression or mental disability, diabetes, thyroid problem and cardiovascular issues. 

Child cancer: A rare cause

Another cause for the unintentional weight loss is childhood cancer. There are several types of cancer that make child weak. According to the National Cancer Institute one to two children out of 10,000 child are diagnosed with cancer every year. Children having cancer have symptoms like persistent headache, lumps development, vomiting, eye or vision changes.